Model Solar Vehicle Challenge (MSVC) Grant

Get all you need to start your school in one of the best STEM and sustainability challenges available in Victoria

What is the MSVC grant?

The MSVC grant is for schools that wish to join the challenge for the first time. MSVC will help* cover the cost of a kits ideal for starting their journey into the challenge. It includes parts needed to make an operating car short of a body. That means students will have a vehicle that runs and is ready for testing and optimization.


The kit includes:

·         Challenger kit **                                                        $ 173.02

·         SM403 6 volt motor                                             $  13.44

·         Solar panel No. 26                                                   $   95.22

·         Panel mounting tray                                            $   19.20

The total value of the above is $300.88.


In addition to the kit, the grant includes support from a technical expert. We have a number of volunteers. Each is ready to support educators setting up a program at their school. They will help develop the design process, explain key concepts, and advise on any other resources needed to make the most of the challenge.


What this grant will do for you

This grant is designed to turn any teacher into a STEM and solar capable teacher with an established program. Once you receive this grant you will be able to start developing your students STEM skills with a refined project. This will mean that you and your school can rightly claim to have a premier STEM program up and running that also teaches sustainability.


What you should do now

To submit for this grant, send an email to In this email provide answer to the three questions below:

1.   How many units are you requesting and what is the rationale?
We imagine the maximum would be one unit per 4 students (typical team size) who will enter, but your situation might be different. We would like to see that there is thought reflective of a plan to ensure success of the MSVC program at your school.

2.   How will you incorporate or promote the event at your school to ensure you have entrants?
This is to ensure that the grant results in a high participation rate. So please also provide the number of students you expect to enter.

3.   How will you ensure the longevity of the program at your school?
This is to ensure that the grant results in an ongoing program and thus extracts the maximum value from the grant. This is also an ideal section to note the funds already committed by the school - when a school has committed no funds, it does not bode well for the nature of the commitment from senior levels of the school. We recommend that you use this grant to help support your argument for commitment from the school leadership to invest in this program.

Grants will be allocated based on the potential to see the greatest long term increase in student participation in the challenge.

*The amount of support will be considered on a case by case basis. It is important that MSVC is convinced that the school is serious about involvement.

**This will build the chassis and wheels. Some use of tools will be needed to do this. It also includes the PICAXE 08M2 solar panel power controller, which provides more robust operation under varying sunlight.