2022 State Challenge

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Winning cars report

2019 State Challenge

Junior Metropolitan Boats

1st - (241) Fish and Ship, Spensley St PS | 2nd - (239) Seas the Day, Spensley St PS | 3rd - (232) Tim Tam, Spensley St PS | 4th - (229) Usain Boat, Spensley St PS

Best uniform - Spensley St PS

Best Captain and Crew - (216) NEOM Boat, Inspirational Kids

Best first entry - Mordialloc Beach PS

Best poster - Yarraville West PS

Junior Regional Boats

1st - (334) Speedy Gonzales, Mount Scopus Memorial College | 2nd - (309) Congupna 3, Congupna PS | 3rd - (306) Solar Students, Colbinabbin PS

Junior Boat Champions

1st - (334) Speedy Gonzales, Mount Scopus Memorial College | 2nd - (309) Congupna 3, Congupna PS | 3rd - (241) Fish and Ship, Spensley St PS | 4th - (239) Seas the Day, Spensley St PS

Best junior video - (302) Sustainable Sisters, Colbinabbin PS

Sheridan Kit Car

1st - (524) Tesla, Sandrinham College | 2nd - (512) Team 5, Mentone Grammar | 3rd - (511) Team 4, Mentone Grammar | 4th - (535) Stevensville 1, Stevensville Primary

Best team - Canterbury Girls' Secondary College

Best uniform - Overnewton Anglican Community College

Best decorated - (529) Steve the Queen of Diamonds, Sandringham College

Best new school - Bentleigh Secondary College

Student Designed Car

1st - (29) Hornets, Box Hill HS | 2nd - (15) Overengineered, Box Hill HS | 3rd - (26) Desert Eagles, Box Hill HS | 4th - (28) Blazors, Box Hill HS

Best uniform - Syndal South PS

Best engineered - (15) Overengineered, Box Hill HS

Best senior video - (15) Overengineered, Box Hill HS

Advanced Boats

1st - (129) Optical Illusion 2, uniacke solar boats | 2nd - (102) Billanook 2, Billanook College | 3rd - (126) Boat Dog, St Monica's College | 4th - (110) Ra, Mount Scopus Memorial College

2018 State Challenge

2018 results

Advanced boats:

1. Optical Illusion, Uniacke

2. Kingswood Blue, Kingswood

3. Team Meme, Overnewton

4 Team Speedy, Overnewton

Junior boats Regional:

1. V-8 M-8, Congupna

2. Barracuda, Congupna

3. The Ocean Titans, Congupna

4. Hunter, Christian College, Bellarine

Junior boats Metro:

1. 2 Fast 4 U, Syndal South

2. The Solar Eclipse, Syndal South

3. The Wave Rider, Syndal South

4. The Stranded, Waverley Meadows

Designed cars:

1. The Broken Wheel, BHHS

2. Alternating Current, BHHS


4. Destroyers

Sheridan kit cars:

1. 525, Overnewton

2. 531, Sandringham

3. 506, Kingswood

4. 549, Hume Central

Best Decorated Car: 501, Brighton (wheels)

Best Team Effort: Hume Central

Best Team Uniform: 530, Black Top hats for Sandringham

Best Build: Sandringham

Poster results

Advanced boats

Regional boats

Sheridan kit cars

Designed cars

181021_MSVC Posters_Oct_Advanced Boats_Final

Advanced boats:

1. Whisper, Christian College Geelong

2. The Angel Boat, Overnewton

3. Shark Boat, St Monica's

4. Team Speedy, Overnewton

181021_MSVC Posters_Oct_Regional Boats_Final

Regional boats:

1. Ocean Titans, Congupna

2. Barracuda, Congupna

3. V8M8, Congupna

181021_MSVC Posters_Oct_Kit Cars_Final

Sheridan kit cars:

1. EfforT's Sun, Sandringham

2. Lil Ol Car, Sandringham

3. Lit Cars, Canterbury Girl's

4. The Aspiring Noodles, CGSC

181021_MSVC_Car Posters_Oct_Open Cars_Final

Designed cars:

1., Box Hill HS

2. DacR Solar, Mt Waverley SC

3. Solar Express, Syndal Sth

4. Team AA, Box Hill HS

181020_MSVC_Boat Posters_Oct_Junior Boats_Final

Metro boats:

1. Team Scuba, Deepdene PS

2. Wipe Out, Mentone Grammar

3. Solar 111, Mentone Grammar

4. Galaxy Unicorns, Whitehorse PS

2018 Shepparton Motor Show

This was our fist time at the show and we were very glad to make the contacts that we made with local community groups and teachers. Hopefully, this will become an annual regional event. Thanks to SLAP for the invite and support -

2017 State Event Photos

2017 Boat Winners

2017 Car Winners

Central Highlands Model Boat Challenge 2017

The day started off with quite a bit of sunlight, although the temperature was still pretty low. There was approximately 32 boats on the day, from two schools, Buninyong and Ballan. There was several classes of younger children who came to watch throughout the day.

There were a couple of teething problems with changing solar panels and many boats running backwards. To start off with many of the kids just turned their boats around and ran them prop first. Later I noticed quite a few of the kids change the wiring around, some at the panel and some at the motor. Alligator clips are not the most reliable way of attaching panels and are difficult for small, wet, cold fingers.

I noticed a big improvement in many boats over the day. It was really obvious that many of the kids were learning and innovating as they went, to improve their boats.

As the day progressed, the quality of the boats improved, but the weather conditions got worse. It would have been interesting to have a light meter handy for the kids to see what they were working with. Anyway as we got into the finals, the clouds were getting denser but more of the boats were able to run down the pool. In a couple of cases, neither boat was able to go at all. We allowed them to go away and do some work on their craft, while we ran another race. We managed to get a result in every race, even when the sky darkened right over. By the time we got down to the final eight, the weather was getting really bad, but the boats just kept on going.

The grand final was run over three races and was won 2/1 by the "Over the Waves" team from from Buninyong. Teams from Buninyong took out the first three places and one of the teams from Ballan took out fourth place.

The weather for the final few races was inclement to say the least, with a few spots of rain falling for the last couple of races. We adjourned inside for the prize giving and it started belting down almost immediately. That was really close.

Overall a great day with a lot of luck with the weather. Thanks to Imogen and the rest of the crew.

John Barlow

2016 Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge Competition Results

Results 2016 VMSVC

2016 Melbourne Museum Pursuit Event

On the 6th of September, 2016, the VMSV Melbourne Museum Event where Sheridan Kit Cars and Student Designed Cars are raced in a set of pursuit type events, was held. All registered organisation and prospective teams were invited to bring their cars to race and their boats for any additional assistance from the VMSVC chief scrutineer.

Held in the open space between the Melbourne Museum and the Royal Exhibition building in the Carlton gardens the "blue" pursuit track was setup and all contenders are able to race. Unlike the state event there is no panel testing nor race ready scruitneering performed so this is an excellent platform to run your teams vehicle before the state event.

Student Designed Cars that participate do not need to meet all of the event rules and will be allowed to race as long as they can. In order to qualify for awards on the day a car must be able to carry the cargo as set out in the 2016 regulations.

The following was the itinerary for the day

10:00 Oval Track Setup

10:30 Car Registration (track open for testing)

11:00 Commence Racing

12:00 Lunch Break (track open for testing)

12:30 Resume Racing

13:30 Finals & Presentations

13:45-14:00 Track Pack Up

On the day there were several VMSVC members available to answer questions and provide valuable reviews and advice on both car and boats.

More information about the event venue can be accessed via the following link: The Melbourne Museum - Carlton

Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge on the web

Nationals in Victoria 2016 - Engineers Australia