The Committee

The people who make it happen

Read below about the people who run the event and how they can help you

Name: Clint Steele

Role: Chair of the Victorian branch

Background: A professional mechanical engineer who has worked in automotive, electric vehicles, academia, mining equipment, consulting, water products, and medical products. Always in design and also published a book on global engineering skill development. He also tutors high school students in maths and science, and runs a dance studio - Destine Dance - in the evenings.

Ways he can help: Advice on how to embed the MSVC into curriculum for maximum  educational benefit. 

How to contact him: 

Name: Paul Wellington OAM

Role: Committee Member the Victorian branch, National Committee Rep and Challenge Founder

Background: While lecturing on engineering materials and manufacturing in the 1980s at the then Chisholm Institute of Technology (subsequently the Caulfield campus of Monash University), he led teams of engineering students and staff in a fuel efficiency competition, the Mileage Marathon in which one of their cars achieved 1000km/litre. He then went on to lead the Chisholm team in the 1987 World Solar Challenge, the race from Darwin to Adelaide for solar powered cars in which their car, the Desert Cat, finished 6th of 24 starters. Based on the educational benefits of this event, he, in conjunction with Ted Mellor, coordinator of the Warragul Technical School’s WSC entry, started the Victorian Model Solar Car Challenge which was first held in 1990, with the Boat Challenge starting 4 years later. Paul was a recent recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia, for his service to science education. 

Ways he can help: Advice on how to best manage a team for success. Insight into the key skills students need to be winners. Knowledge on how the challenge guides students into future careers. 

How to contact him: