The Event

Victorian Model Solar Vehicle State Challenge

The Victorian State Challenge usually takes place over the Saturday and Sunday of the third weekend in October every year, at Scienceworks Museum in Spotswood, just west of Melbourne.

Junior and Advanced Boats compete in an elimination-style race down a 10 metre pool during the Saturday for Junior boats, and Sunday for Advanced boats. Don Sheradin Kit cars run a Round-Robbin on the Sunday. As for the Advanced cars, the weekend is more akin to other motorsport. Saturday morning is filled with scrutineering of cars and their designs, as well as open testing for cars on the 100m figure-8 track. Racing begins in earnest on the Saturday afternoon, and continues until the finals on Sunday afternoon. All races are one lap except for the finals, which may be two lap races, or best-of-three races.

Following the Sunday finals, awards for top placing vehicles as well as discretionary prizes (eg. best team costume, most spectacular crash) are presented in the Scienceworks Amphitheatre.

Venue Information

The Victorian State Event takes place on the rear lawn of Scienceworks (2 Booker St, Spotswood), between the Amphitheatre at the main building, and the pumping station. The Junior and Advanced Boats compete in adjacent but distinctive coloured pools. The Kit Car event competes on the blue oval track, and the Advanced Cars compete on the large yellow figure 8 track. There is ample off-street parking at the front and side of the complex and the facility is wheelchair friendly. Teams need to arrive at Scienceworks by 8:30 for appropriate scrutineering before the competition begins.

Now that you're better informed on what is expected at the event, are you ready to get started?