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Solar Challenge 2019 Results

Junior Metropolitan Boats

1st - (241) Fish and Ship, Spensley St PS | 2nd - (239) Seas the Day, Spensley St PS | 3rd - (232) Tim Tam, Spensley St PS | 4th - (229) Usain Boat, Spensley St PS

Best uniform - Spensley St PS

Best Captain and Crew - (216) NEOM Boat, Inspirational Kids

Best first entry - Mordialloc Beach PS

Best poster - Yarraville West PS

Junior Regional Boats

1st - (334) Speedy Gonzales, Mount Scopus Memorial College | 2nd - (309) Congupna 3, Congupna PS | 3rd - (306) Solar Students, Colbinabbin PS

Junior Boat Champions

1st - (334) Speedy Gonzales, Mount Scopus Memorial College | 2nd - (309) Congupna 3, Congupna PS | 3rd - (241) Fish and Ship, Spensley St PS | 4th - (239) Seas the Day, Spensley St PS

Best junior video - (302) Sustainable Sisters, Colbinabbin PS

Sheridan Kit Car

1st - (524) Tesla, Sandrinham College | 2nd - (512) Team 5, Mentone Grammar | 3rd - (511) Team 4, Mentone Grammar | 4th - (535) Stevensville 1, Stevensville Primary

Best team - Canterbury Girls' Secondary College

Best uniform - Overnewton Anglican Community College

Best decorated - (529) Steve the Queen of Diamonds, Sandringham College

Best new school - Bentleigh Secondary College

Student Designed Car

1st - (29) Hornets, Box Hill HS | 2nd - (15) Overengineered, Box Hill HS | 3rd - (26) Desert Eagles, Box Hill HS | 4th - (28) Blazors, Box Hill HS

Best uniform - Syndal South PS

Best engineered - (15) Overengineered, Box Hill HS

Best senior video - (15) Overengineered, Box Hill HS

Advanced Boats

1st - (129) Optical Illusion 2, uniacke solar boats | 2nd - (102) Billanook 2, Billanook College | 3rd - (126) Boat Dog, St Monica's College | 4th - (110) Ra, Mount Scopus Memorial College

2019 Challenge

19th and 20th of October

Saturday - Designed Car, Junior Boats (Metro)

Sunday - Designed Car, Junior Boats (Regional), Junior Boats State Final, Advanced Boats, Sheridan Kit Car

An engineering challenge with real results

The Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge is an engineering competition undertaken by hundreds of students across Victoria, Grade 1 to Year 12. Students design and construct their own vehicle, be it a car or boat, powered only by the sun! They learn real skills in design, engineering, troubleshooting, sustainability and teamwork. The final vehicles are highly optimised machines with surprising power. The best designs will go on to compete in the Australian International Model Solar Challenge (AIMSC), against the greatest from across Australia and Taiwan. Past competitors have found a passion in design and engineering and have gone on to study in these fields at Deakin, RMIT, Monash and Swinburne Universities.

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