The 2021 Event

Victorian Model Solar Vehicle State Challenge in COVID Lockdown

Because of the restriction of COVID this year, we will have an online challenge. Much like we did last year in that lockdown.

This page will explain how the challenge will be run and how to enter.

A video presentation

Students will submit a 3 minute video explaining their design efforts.

Elements of the video

The video should explain:

  1. The nature of the vehicle (car, boat, kit car) to be designed.

  2. The methods used by the student(s) to evolve the design - this things like the consideration of scientific theory, testing, problem definition, creativity and other methods the students became aware of.

  3. Imagery of the design - this could be CAD, a complete assembled vehicle in action, a prototype of the vehicle or anything else that shows the student(s) have attempted to realise the idea.

  4. Evaluation of the design based on something measurable - performance of the actual vehicle or design calculation. This need only be aspects of the design - the important thing is the use of quantitative information to evaluate the design.


Videos will be assessed by a team of judges based on the sophistication of the design approach used by the student(s) as communicated by the video.


Students can submit via THIS FORM. Submissions close on 31 October at 24:00. You can edit your entry up until that time.