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VMSVC Solar Challenge Fixture - 16 October 2022

VMSVC Solar Challenge Fixture - 16 October 2022

2022 venue - Brunswick East Primary School


This information is provided in no particular order:

  • The event is NOT at Scienceworks

  • The event is at Brunswick East Primary School

  • The event will only be on one day - this will be Sunday 16 October

  • Enter from Stewart Street - there will be an information table when you enter should you need more details

  • Bring your own chairs if you wish to be able to sit

  • Bring clothing to prepare for any possible weather

  • There will be no other structures like tents or marquees allowed

  • There is street parking around the venue, but please note you might need to park a distance away

  • There are numerous public transport options

  • There are now power points to operate tools or change phone - you need to ensure your vehicle works and your phone is charged

Catering: The school will be organizing a BBQ, a bake sale and a coffee cart. You can also bring your own food

International: This year we will have teams from Taiwan joining us. This will make the state event an international event. Your team might just walk away with an international trophy.

Awards: The main awards are -

1st, 2nd and 3rd for Wellington cars

1st, 2nd and 3rd for Sheridan cars

1st, 2nd and 3rd for Junior boats

1st, 2nd and 3rd for Advanced boats

Winner of the international event

These will be presented on the day.

Depending upon numbers on the day and at the discretion of the judges there could be other awards for the following (and maybe other noteworthy attributes):

Wellington cars: Fourth place, best engineered, car with most points scored, poster & video as well as team uniform.

Kit cars: Car placing fourth, overall best team performance on points, best poster, best answer to engineering questions, best team effort, best uniform and best decorated car.

Boats both junior & advanced: Best poster or video, and best uniform.

These discretionary awards will be printed and presented on the day.

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