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Model Solar Car Design Guide - Introduction

Firstly obtain a copy of the current regulations, read and understand them, then design and construct your car to conform to the regulations. In the past many non conforming cars have been presented for scrutineering. Even minor non-conformities slow up the scrutineering process, delaying everyone and reducing the practice time available while the car is modified to conform and passed through scrutineering again.

NOTE: The Victorian regulations are based on the National Regulations which are changed every year. Your car must conform to the National regulations if you wish to compete at that level for details go to for the latest National regulations.

The key point to remember in designing a model solar car is that you have very little power available from your solar panel. For the shortest race time you must use all the power available at the highest efficiency possible to propel your car.

Here is a list of the basic requirements that you need to satisfied in order to construct a "good" car.

  • Project Management
  • Completed Feasibility Study
  • Constructed a time line
  • Produced a detailed car design
  • Procured materials and equipment
  • Undertaken regular review of decision and actions
  • Solicited advice from available mentors.

We shall continue on with a brief description of each of the basic elements that will assist you in constructing a “good" car and hence completing a successful project.

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