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2016 Regulation are now available

After many discussions and group sessions the 2016 VMSVC event regulation documents have been published and can be accessed via the Regulations section of the site.

2015 Event Wrap Up

Despite predictions of cloud and showers, the 26th Victorian Model Solar vehicle Challenge was run in near perfect conditions.

Saturday, October 10th, was partially cloudy in the morning with just a very few drops of rain, not even enough to suspend the races. Sunday, the 11th, was blessed with a clear blue sky for most of the day although for 1 or 2 cars and boats, a little more cloud would have been desirable.

Junior Boat Division

The Saturday main event was the Metropolitan Junior Model Solar Boat race with over 70 teams competing in 2 pools in the morning in 4 round robin heats. The results of these were used to seed the boats for the afternoon knockout races. Most boats were able to make it to the finish line of the 10 metre pool although a couple of boats submerged and some lost their way as their guides came off the overhead lines. Several boats ended up putting additional weight in the form of nails in the back of their boat to ensure that the propeller stayed in the water. One boat with this problem porpoised down the pool – its bow dipping under water and hence the propeller lifting out, slowing the boat which then leveled out only to have the bow forced back underwater when the power came on.

2015 Event Information and Schedules

The 2015 event is this weekend and hopefully all of the Boats and Cars have been tested and fine tuned to their best racing performance by the team members.

So that you may plan for the you participation at the event here is the event information for each of the activities on the two days of the event. There may well be changes and please note that all scheduled times after 12 noon are approximate based on race durations and of course Melbourne's weather conditions.

If you have further questions please use the Contact Page using the General Enquiries

We look forward to seeing you on race day.

General Information

Specific Event Information

Results of Melbourne Museum Pursuit

What more could solar car teams desire than a balmy 17°C, little wind and bright blue sky all day. This was the scene at the Victorian Museum, Carlton on September 1st when 30 cars from 3 schools assembled for this year’s Pursuit.

This annual event is held approximately 6 weeks prior to the Victorian finals and provides both a good opportunity for teams to practice on an appropriate track, but also a chance to identify any glitches while there is plenty of time to rectify them.

Box Hill High School (BHHS) had 17 student designed entries, Syndal South Primary School (SSPS) had 3 and Overnewton Anglican Community College (OACC) had 10 cars using the kit developed by committee member Don Sheridan which is an entry level class being both cheaper and simpler to build and race. Having smaller solar panels and less sophisticated motors and bearings and no electronics, these cars are generally not as fast but a well built kit car can and did at times beat a less sophisticated or less reliable car which uses more expensive components.

Melbourne Museum Event 2015

The car pursuit event this year will be run outside the Melbourne Museum on Tuesday 1st September 2015. It is an opportunity for teams to test their cars on the pursuit track and have a look at some of what other teams have been working on; parents and the general public are welcome to come and watch the event.

Map of melbourne museum

Organisation Registration for 2015 open

The Registration for organisations intending to compete in the 2015 Victorian event are now open. All co-ordinators are requested to complete the form and/or let the Committee know as soon as possible and definitely before the 28th of August closing date. More information is available on the Registration Page.

Power Testing your Solar Panel

If you have every wondered how much power your panel is able to generate there is a simple method to estimate the peak power by measurement of panel voltage and current over a range of resistive loads. There is a document to show you how and explain what to do in the Solar Panel Simple Power Testing information.

Update to the 2015 Regulations

An update to 2015 Regulation has been released and can be accessed via the Regulations section of the site.

VMSVC Event Dates for 2015

The venue and dates for the 2015 VMSVC state Event have been finalised.

The Melbourne Museum pursuit event is scheduled for Tuesday the 1st of September. This is a great event for testing the cars on a track and against other competitors.

Our sponsor, Scienceworks Museum in Spotwood, has again been able to provide their support and are generously hosting the VMSVC Event for 2015. This has been confirmed as the weekend of Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of October. So now we have a deadline for all the competitors to meet for having a working boat or car.

With the Event scheduled the Committee have also specified the dates for the relevant paperwork that must be completed to organise the event. As per normal the first step is the Registration of the organisation, and that information will be available on the Web site in the third week of June.

The closing dates for registration and team entry have also been set. All organisation registrations must have been received by us no later than the 28th of August this year. The paperwork for all Team entries has to be submitted before the 10th of September otherwise additional late fees will be levied. Any organisation submitting team entries after the 18th of September will be accepted only at the discretion of the Committee and may also have additional late processing fees applied.

This is all set out in the VMSVC regulations so please ensure that you have reviewed and actioned the relevant sections.

2015 Event Regulations

The 2015 Regulation have now been published and can be accessed via the Regulations section of the site.

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